Roller Blinds/Holland Blinds

Holland roller blinds are perfect for blocking out the UV rays and glare of the harsh Australian sun. They reduce energy costs, as they retain heat during winter seasons and the cool in summer time. They can also enhance the quality and appearance of your residential home. Choosing the proper blind for your home may be frustrating, since there is a wide range of options. However, if you purchase Holland roller blinds for your residential or commercial property from Platinum Blinds & Shutters, then you are definitely getting the ideal blinds for your home.

Double-Roller-Blinds-RemodelistaAll Platinum Blinds & Shutters Custom and Australian made Holland Roller Blinds come with a lifetime warranty on components and Manufacturing. Many individuals are opting to get Holland blinds for their homes due to their modern designs that are currently available. The elegant style of Holland blinds provide any property a stylish finish, along with being extremely functional and simple to operate. Holland blinds are smooth operating, very economical and extremely durable that suit any type of decor.

With an extensive range of colours, fabrics, and accessory options, the Platinum Blinds & Shutters Roller Blind range provides a range of options to suit any situation and give your home a sleek modern look.

Fabrics may also be matched via Verticals and panel glides to provide a nice co-ordinated feel and look for your home.

A wide range of colours and fabrics to choose from for your Holland roller blinds:
Blockout fabrics: provide exceptional room darkening and protection functions from the harsh summer heat and the winter cold
Translucent fabrics: allow for soft-filtered light to enter the room
Sunscreen fabrics: allow you to enjoy the daytime views and the soft light while providing good protection from heat and glare.

blockout-rollerblindsThe first thing people tend to look at when entering one’s home is the windows. This is generally because they are usually at the eye level. The majority of homeowners realise the great value of investing time and money in high quality window treatments, in order to truly make their property shine.

Whether you desire something eye-catching or plain and simple, investing in Holland blinds will not just help add unique value to your home, but it will also provide additional privacy and sunlight blocking.

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